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International Arts & Crafts Festival Artist Vendor Application & Agreement

  1. International Arts & Crafts Festival Artist Vendor Information

    Vendors are set up from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Draper City Park.

  2. Provide the Following:*
  3. Are You a Returning Vendor to This Event?*
  4. Will Sales Be Made at Your Booth Space During This Event?*
  5. Vendor Types and Fees Information

    Type of Vendor


     Fee per Space

    Space Size


    All Vendors 

    Handmade items only — no manufactured items or multi-level marketing products


    10 x 10 ft.


    Draper City does not supply canopies, tables, or chairs.

  6. Number of Spaces*
  7. List all items to be sold or services offered and price range.

  8. International Arts & Crafts Festival Artist Vendor Guidelines
    1. Items to be Sold: Items to be sold at vendor's booth space must be predominantly handmade by the vendor.
    2. Setup & Break Down: Vendors are required to be set up and operating by 10 AM the day of the event and to remain set up and operating until 4 PM the day of the event. If a vendor is not set up by 10 AM the day of the event, Draper City reserves the right to reassign the booth space to another vendor without refund.
    3. Acceptance: Draper City reserves the right to refuse the participation of any vendor. Vendor will be notified by email of application approval or denial. There are a limited number of vendor booth spaces available. 
    4. Vendor Responsibility: Vendor is responsible to secure their canopy by weight. Draper City requires that 40-pounds of weight be affixed to each canopy leg. Vendor shall follow canopy manufactures instructions if weight requirements are greater than 40-pounds of weight per leg. Weights shall not create a trip hazard or impede walkways. Ground staking shall not replace required weights on each canopy leg. Vendor shall ensure that their canopy and display equipment does not extend beyond the booth space they have been assigned; this includes any rails, stands or additional equipment. 
    5. Booth Spaces: Booth space assignments are made at the sole discretion of Draper City. No specific booth locations are guaranteed and prior participation in the event does not guarantee booth space in the 2022 event. 
    6. License & Taxes: During the event, vendors will be provided a Draper City Single Event Business License and a Utah Tax Commission one-day Special Event Sales Tax form. Vendors must complete this form after the event and mail it to the Utah State Tax Commission along with any sales tax payment. Vendors are responsible to collect, report and pay all taxes, including, but not limited to, Utah State sales tax. 
    7. Event Attendance: Vendors participate at their own risk. Draper City makes no claims or guarantees as to number in attendance. Event is held rain or shine, there will be no rain out date. 
    8. Publicity: Vendor consents to and authorizes the use and reproduction, in print or electronic format, by Draper City or anyone authorized by Draper City, of all photographs or videos for any publicity purpose. 
    9. Product Exclusivity: Draper City does not offer product exclusivity to vendors. 
    10. One Vendor per Booth Space: Only one vendor allowed per booth space; booth space may not be sublet or shared. 
    11. Fees: Booth space fees are not refundable. Draper City is not liable if weather or other conditions prevent the Vendor from attending the event. No refunds will be made for weather, accident, health or other causes for non-participation. 
  9. Acknowledge and Sign Below

    In consideration for Draper City allowing the undersigned to participate in this event, the undersigned his/her heirs and assigns, do hereby release and hold harmless Draper City, its directors, officers, employees and agents from any liability for damages or injuries suffered or any other claims in connection with or arising out of the event including transportation.

    The undersigned acknowledges that they have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions and that all information submitted is true and complete.

  10. For all purposes herein, an electronic or typed signature shall be deemed the same as an original handwritten signature.

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