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Animal Services

  1. Complaint Form

    Our Animal Control Officers respond to all complaints received in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Complaints are... More…


  1. Post-Disaster Damage Inspection Request Form

    Fill out this form to report any damage to your property or business.

Code Enforcement

  1. Anonymous Complaint Form

    Our Code Enforcement Officers respond to all complaints received in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Complaints are... More…

  1. Non-Anonymous Complaint Form

    Our Code Enforcement Officers respond to all complaints received in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Complaints are... More…

Community Development

  1. Geneva Rock Application Public Comments

    Draper City has provided this online public comment form for residents to provide feedback prior to the public hearings. Please note... More…

Draper Days

  1. Draper Days Single Event Business License APPLICATION

    This application needs to be filled out in order to apply for a Draper Days Single Event Business License.

  1. Draper Days Volunteer or Sponsorship Form

    Volunteer for Draper Days Sponsor Draper Days

Draper Deals - COVID-19 Relief Program

  1. Draper Deals Participating Business Form

    Draper City is launching a second round of "Draper Deals" to provide $30 in gift cards to every Draper household to spend at any... More…

Economic Development Information Request

  1. Economic Development Information Request

    If you have questions regarding Draper City Economic Development, please fill out this form and press submit. To contact Economic... More…

  1. RDA Summary Information

Emergency Management

  1. CERT Hands-On Training Registration

    The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area... More…

  2. Trained C.E.R.T. Volunteer Registration Form

    If you have taken the CERT class, please register your information here so that we can contact you in an emergency situation.

  1. Draper Business Registration Form

    Draper City is collecting a database of all the businesses in Draper so emergency planning materials can be distributed and so that... More…

Fire Department

  1. Fire Station Tour

    Fill out this form if your family or group would like to tour one of the Draper City Fire Stations.

  2. Schedule Community Event

    If you would like to invite the Draper fire fighters to your community event, please fill out the form below and submit it.

  1. Push to Survive / Stop the Bleed Sign-up Form

    Sign up to attend a FREE class offered by the Draper Fire Department. Learn how to help save a life.

General Plan Update

  1. General Plan Updates

    Please fill out this form if you would like to receive updated information about the progress of creating a new General Plan for Draper... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Fix It Form - Parks & Trails Service Request

    Submit maintenance request for irrigation/sprinkler issues, tree issues/trimming, mowing/weeds, park strips, park maintenance,... More…


  1. Zoning Concerns / Questions

    Submit requests for zoning letters, code questions, zoning and development questions.

Police - Public Forms

  1. Business Watch Registration
  2. Citizen Compliment Form

    This form is used to compliment the service of police department employee(s) or police officer(s).

  3. Draper Dog Walker Watch

    Take the Dog Walker Watch 6-minute training and join a team of thousands of eyes, ears, and paws across the nation keeping watch on our... More…

  4. Explorer Interest Form

    Please complete this form if you are interested in becoming a Draper Police Law Enforcement Explorer.

  5. Police Department Tour and/or Presentation Request

    If you would like to request a presentation or a tour of the Police Department, please fill out the form below and submit it.

  6. Probable Cause Statement
  7. Right of Access Provider Waiver

    Draper Police Department Request to Obtain a Copy of My Utah Criminal History Record I, the undersigned, am requesting a copy of... More…

  8. V.I.P.S. Application
  9. Voluntary Video Surveillance Registration

    Please fill out the following information to register your surveillance camera with the Draper City Police Department.

  1. Citizen Complaint Form

    This form is used to file a complaint against a Draper Police Department Employee.

  2. Citizen Police Academy Application for Enrollment
  3. Draper Police - Lethality Assessment Screen
  4. Personal Reference Verification Questionnaire
  5. Police Records/Report Request
  6. Property Check / Extra Patrol Request

    This form can be used to request patrol checks of your property or neighborhood for any reason. Some reasons may include; vacations or... More…

  7. Traffic Enforcement Request
  8. Video Request (Internal)

Public Works

  1. Fix It Form - Public Works Service Request

    Submit maintenance request for street light issues, road conditions, signage, sidewalk, curb and gutter repairs, water system and storm... More…

Special Events

  1. Field of Flags - Veterans Banner
  1. Special Events Feedback Form

    Please provide us feedback on any of our Special Events hosted by Draper City.


  1. Report Illegal Dumping to Storm Drain

    Illegal dumping to storm drain, report illegal dumping to storm drain. To report the illegal dumping to the County Health Department... More…


  1. Fix It Form - TRSSD Boundary Street Lights ONLY Service Request

    Submit a maintenance request for street light issues related to Suncrest standard street lights located within the Traverse Ridge... More…

Youth Council

  1. Draper Mayor's Youth Council Application

    Youth council application, Mayor's youth council, youth council

  1. Mayor's Youth Council Leadership Position Application

    The vision for the Draper City Mayor’s Youth Council is to empower, educate and involve youth in their local government by providing... More…