Where can I get updates on city code issues like encroachment?

Draper City is in the process of inventorying all City-owned property and identifying encroachments. Stay informed by:

  • Following Draper City social media
  • Visiting DraperUtah.gov
  • Listening to City Council meetings
  • Signing up for our newsletter (just send an email to info@draperutah.gov with “Subscribe” as the subject and your full name as the message)

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1. What is encroachment?
2. What is city-owned property?
3. What is Draper’s city code regarding encroachment?
4. How do I check my property boundaries? Where does my property stop and city property start?
5. How do I know if the big open space next to my property is city property?
6. Can I landscape the city property bordering mine?
7. Can I install fencing on the city property bordering mine, to keep the deer out of my garden?
8. Can I dump my grass clippings onto the open space on the other side of my fence?
9. Can I dump my pulled weeds over my fence bordering city property?
10. Can I deposit the spoils from my construction project on the empty city property next to mine?
11. Can I put the extra dirt I dug up from installing my koi pond on the city easement by my property?
12. Can I dump my garbage on city property?
13. Can I put a driveway across the open space by my house to access my property more easily?
14. Can I install an unpaved access to my property that crosses city property?
15. Can I just drive across the dirt field the city owns to access my own property?
16. Can I run sprinkler lines across the unused city property next to my own property?
17. Can I use city trails to access my own property?
18. No one else uses it, so why not?
19. What’s the penalty for encroachment?
20. How do I report my neighbor’s encroachment?
21. How do I anonymously report encroachment I see happening?
22. Where can I get updates on city code issues like encroachment?