How do I check my property boundaries? Where does my property stop and city property start?

For a quick glance to determine if your property abuts Draper City property, you can find your property and surrounding properties on the Salt Lake County parcel map. The most foolproof way to know where your property ends and city property begins is to have your property professionally surveyed. Please confirm that any of your structures, fences, landscaping, sprinkler lines, or accesses to your property are not on and don’t run through Draper City property.

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1. What is encroachment?
2. What is city-owned property?
3. What is Draper’s city code regarding encroachment?
4. How do I check my property boundaries? Where does my property stop and city property start?
5. How do I know if the big open space next to my property is city property?
6. Can I landscape the city property bordering mine?
7. Can I install fencing on the city property bordering mine, to keep the deer out of my garden?
8. Can I dump my grass clippings onto the open space on the other side of my fence?
9. Can I dump my pulled weeds over my fence bordering city property?
10. Can I deposit the spoils from my construction project on the empty city property next to mine?
11. Can I put the extra dirt I dug up from installing my koi pond on the city easement by my property?
12. Can I dump my garbage on city property?
13. Can I put a driveway across the open space by my house to access my property more easily?
14. Can I install an unpaved access to my property that crosses city property?
15. Can I just drive across the dirt field the city owns to access my own property?
16. Can I run sprinkler lines across the unused city property next to my own property?
17. Can I use city trails to access my own property?
18. No one else uses it, so why not?
19. What’s the penalty for encroachment?
20. How do I report my neighbor’s encroachment?
21. How do I anonymously report encroachment I see happening?
22. Where can I get updates on city code issues like encroachment?