Are fireworks allowed anywhere in Draper?

To protect lives and property, the use of fireworks in prohibited areas will be strictly enforced. In general, fireworks are NOT allowed south of 138th South, east of 1300 East and west of I-15. Fireworks are NOT allowed in the Suncrest area. Fireworks are NOT allowed in all Draper City Parks per City Code Section 15-1-050 (g): “Possession and Use of Firearms, Dangerous Weapons, or Fireworks. It shall be unlawful for any person to carry or discharge any firearm or explosive of any kind including fireworks at a recreation facility excepting law enforcement officers and those who are allowed by state code or have received written consent to do so from the Manager.”

Sparklers are allowed in all areas of Draper, however residents are asked to use precaution in dry, grassy areas. Always have a bucket of water nearby to douse the hot sparklers.

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