Do you change smoke detector batteries?

If your detectors are older than 10 years then you should change their batteries every 6 months. A great tutorial on how to do that can be found here, or you may search online for other resources related to your specific device.

If you have a smoke detector manufactured after 2010, then those batteries are built to last for a decade. Once the 10 years is up, you should replace the entire detector. You can easily search online for videos and instructions for your specific device, like the Kidde Sealed Lithium Battery Power Smoke Alarm i9010 here. Make sure to search for your specific device and model number and follow the instructions provided.   

Draper Fire is here to serve the community in every way possible, but our first and foremost priority is having enough staff on call at all times to handle fire-related crises and emergencies that can arise in an instant. Most smoke detector battery changing situations are straightforward enough for a resident to handle on their own. However, if you have special needs, or your residence has special circumstances, that prevent you from being able to take care of this important matter yourself, we are happy to assist whenever organization and community needs allow. Please call 385-557-2805 for further assistance.

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