Draper Cemetery


The Draper City Cemetery is located at 12441 South 900 East, bordered on the east by Fort Street in the heart of Draper. The cemetery was established around 1850, originally on the "Sand Hill" in Draper. Due to weather, animal, or other concerns, the remains were moved in 1870 to the present location.

Scheduling a Burial

If you already own a burial plot in the Draper Cemetery and need to schedule a burial, please contact Draper City at (801) 576-6506 or email the City Recorder, who manages burials.

Burial Plots

Unfortunately, there are no burial plots available for purchase in the Draper Cemetery. Draper City is willing to re-purchase unused burial plots from individuals who do not plan to use their plots. Draper City will then sell these plots to people who are on the waiting list. If you are interested in getting on the waiting list, contact (801) 576-6506.

This map helps locate plots in the cemetery. It is also available at the cemetery building.

The Draper City Code for the Cemetery can be found in Chapter 14. 

Cemetery Grounds Maintenance

For any questions or requests relating to the cemetery grounds maintenance, contact the Parks Department at (801) 576-6571 or email Cemetery Grounds Maintenance.

Notable Burials

The earliest burial date recorded at the cemetery dates back to November 21, 1870, but there are headstones with earlier dates than that. The cemetery was started by Mormon pioneers who settled in Draper City. The first settlers in Draper are buried in this cemetery: Ebenezer Brown, Phoebe Brown, and William Draper.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The Draper City Cemetery Rules and Regulations can be found in Title 7, Chapter 14 of the Draper City Code.

Cemetery Fees

Opening & Closing Standard Size Grave (Weekdays)$475
Opening & Closing Standard Size Grave (Weekends & Holidays)$675
Opening & Closing of Less Than Standard Size Grave$300
Opening & Closing of Cremation Grave$200
Marking the location of the head stone$ 25
Disinterment of grave (includes opening & closing of grave)$475
Issuance of Right of Burial or Interment certificate$ 25
Sale of Right to Burial$500