Emergency Preparedness/CERT

During a major emergency, police and fire assistance may not be readily available. The city will be busy providing life-or-death assistance and repairing major infrastructure damage. It will be the responsibility of each family to prepare and take care of their family first, then assist their neighbor.

The City has organized a Draper City Emergency Preparedness Committee to look at long-range planning and preparedness. We also ask our Draper citizens to be prepared to take care of their families and neighbors and assist the community during an emergency. Here are some of the things we want you to consider:

Community Preparedness

  • Become a volunteer. Register for a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class or become a Block Captain. 
  • Know Your Neighborhood. Contact your Block Captain to report family information that might be helpful in the case of an emergency. 
  • Learn First Aid
  • Attend an Emergency Preparedness District Representative meeting, held the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm (in the Draper City Administration Conference Room). 

Family Preparedness

  • Determine a family meeting place for a home emergency (front yard, neighbor). 
  • Determine a family meeting place in case of a neighborhood emergency (church, school). 
  • Put together an updated 5-day Disaster Emergency Kit. 
  • Learn to survive without power or heat. 

School Preparedness

  • Inform yourself as to the individual school preparedness plan and discuss it with your family. 
  • Test emergency plans with your family as if the emergency occurs while your child is in school. 
  • Obtain emergency supplies that would aid your child at school in case of a daytime emergency. 

For additional emergency preparedness information visit Be Ready Utah.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Committee is to recommend and monitor the establishment of emergency preparedness plans and to facilitate the provision of city services during natural disaster situations and other emergencies.

Draper City Emergency Plans

Contact Information

  1. Emergency Management 

    Battalion Chief Robert Lambert
    Emergency Manager
    Email Robert

    Captain Steve Darlington
    Email Steve

    Paramedic Erin Lytle
    Email Erin