Investigations: Detective Unit

The Detective Unit is made up of experienced investigators who specialize in different types of crimes. Although each Detective has their own specialties, all Detectives are cross trained to assist the team as necessary. Detectives receive training in many areas in order to complete investigations thoroughly, identify offenders and successfully charge the responsible offenders.

The Detective Unit is responsible for:

  • Successful prosecution of perpetrators
  • Interviews and interrogations
  • Crime scene and evidence processing
  • Writing and serving arrest warrants
  • Search warrants and other court documents
  • Successful conclusion and management of cases calculating current trends in criminal activity

Specialized Training

The Detective Unit personnel have received a wide variety of specialized training, including:

  • Homicide investigation
  • Domestic violence investigation
  • Child victim interviewing and investigation
  • Crime scene and evidence processing
  • Interview and interrogation techniques


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