Water Service

water faucetDraper City owns and operates one of the two water systems serving residents and businesses located within the city. The other water company in Draper is WaterPro. Draper City’s Water Division maintains the water infrastructure, including fire hydrants, water lines, valves, residential and commercial water meters, and pressure reducing stations. The city provides safe, clean drinking water and complies with all state and federal rules for water quality and distribution.

Connect/Disconnect Water Services

  1. Check the map to determine your provider. Draper City residents receive their water from either WaterPro or Draper City. Check the Water Zones map to verify which water system services your home.
  2. Draper City: To connect or disconnect your water services provided by Draper City, contact Utility Billing:

WaterPro: To connect or disconnect your water services provided by WaterPro, click here.

Water Maintenance & Questions

Water maintenance: Contact Water Maintenance for issues such as water pressure and meter maintenance at 801-576-6557 or email publicworks@draperutah.gov. You can also fill out an online service request form

Billing and usage questions: Contact Utility Billing for billing questions, high water usage, and to check meter readings at 801-576-6512 or email draper.utilities@draperutah.gov.

Water system questions: Contact Engineering for questions on water system design and construction at 801-576-6585 or email engineering@draperutah.gov.

After Hours Emergency: Call 801-831-7212

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