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One small act of kindness can go a long way. Draper Wellness encourages our community to make an effort to get into the habit of regularly performing acts of kindness. These acts can be directed to anyone - family members, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and strangers. Deliberately making a habit of being kind is a great way to touch other's lives, as well as giving yourself a mental wellness boost. When you do good, you feel good! 

Following are some suggestions from our Draper Wellness partner, PEHP, for making acts of kindness a routine part of your life. 

Be Kind at Work

  •   Simple. Smile, say hello, hold the elevator or door, invite a co-worker for a walk break, introduce yourself to someone new, hand-write a letter of appreciation, pick up trash in the parking lot, tell someone that they have done a good job, give a compliment, hang up a motivational poster. Listen to them.

  •   Planned. Put together a gathering to celebrate a co-worker, take someone out to lunch, give a gift, buy flowers to put in the break room, volunteer to help with a project, bring a fruit bowl to share, invite a co-worker to do something with you on a weekend, take on an extra project for a co-worker who is struggling.

  •   Random. Clutter someone’s office with sticky notes of their positive traits. Bring an extra coffee to give, leave a treat on a co-worker’s desk, or tape a dollar to the vending machine titled “For you!” Ask them about their day.

Be Kind to a Family Member

  • Do a family member’s chore/errand
  • Plan and make a special dinner
  • Spend time with a family member doing his/her favorite thing
  • Send a hand-written letter to family you haven’t seen for a while
  • Sneak a note into a family member’s lunch
  • Make a family member’s bed
  • Forgive a family member who has wronged you

Be Kind to a Friend

  • Take the time to send flowers or another gift to a friend who is currently facing challenges. This can be quickly arranged and needn’t cost a lot. It sends a clear message that you’re thinking of the person and wishing them well.
  • When you’re with a friend who is struggling to make ends meet, pick up the tab. If they’re uncomfortable, reassure them that they can pay next time.

  • Offer to do something in solidarity with a friend or family member to help them meet an important goal. For example, be a gym buddy for a friend who wants to lose weight. Or, start a new weekly art class with a friend who can be socially anxious.

  • Babysit for a friend who could really use a night off from childcare. This can make a massive difference for someone who has little time to be with their significant other or tend to their own needs.

Be Kind to a Stranger 

  • Offer kind words to a customer service person who is trying to help you.
  • Let someone cut in front of you at the grocery store. 
  • Hold the door open for someone.  
  • Give up your seat on public transportation. 
  • Pay for someone behind you in line. 
  • Donate blood. 
  • Tip generously for good service.

It has been reported that America is experiencing a loneliness epidemic. One way we can help others feel connected is to gather at community events and participate in community programs and services

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