Home Entry Lockbox Loaner Program (H.E.L.L.P)

HELLP program lockboxWhen an emergency strikes, you can never know under what circumstances you will find yourself. After calling 9-1-1, you may find yourself unable to get to the door in order unlock it to allow help inside. One way or another, the fire department will gain access in order to answer your call for help. Often that means having to use tools to break the lock or force the door, usually resulting in damage to the door. We want to cause the least amount of damage possible and would rather use your key to gain access.  

The Draper City Fire Department offers a free service to the community to assist in these situations. It is called the Home Entry Lockbox Loaner Program or H.E.L.L.P. This is an innovative safety program that is being offered to all Draper residents who own a home in Draper and may have a special/medical need, illness, or physical disability preventing them from opening their front door to Draper City fire and medical personnel in the event of an emergency. The H.E.L.L.P program is a no cost program that places a fire department approved secure Knox HomeBox on the door of the homeowner and allows on-duty fire and medical personnel the ability to access them or their family member in an emergency. The boxes can be loaned out to Draper residents for a limited timeframe. 

These boxes are a vault-style metal box with a door hanger attached and are meant to be placed over the top of the resident’s front entry door. They are just 4.2 inches in height and they are 2.37 inches wide and weigh just 3.2 pounds. Inside the box, is a key to the residence and it is securely placed for access by first responders. 

H.E.L.L.P Program Application (complete and submit via email to Fire Marshal Don Buckley). There are a limited number of boxes so applications will be reviewed and approved on a first come, first served basis. 

View our video about how H.E.L.L.P works.