Avoiding Encroachment

grass clippings with rakeAvoiding Encroachment on City Property

As the weather warms up, it brings increased yard, landscaping, and building projects. As you may be starting such projects, Draper City requests that you contain these projects to your own property and be watchful to not encroach on adjoining properties.

Draper City is fortunate to have many parks, trails, and open spaces. This also means that there are many residents whose property borders or abuts city-owned property, where encroachment can happen unknowingly or inadvertently. Encroachment is using city-owned property in a manner that’s your own – as in landscaping, installing fencing or other structures, or making other improvements to the property. Or, it can include using city property for discarding the stuff you don’t want on your own property – like yard waste, garbage, or other debris.

City property includes trails and open space, conservation easements of various kinds, parks, and miscellaneous properties. You can see maps of various kinds, including interactive, at Draper City’s website here. Find the full City Code describing encroachment here: Section 15-1-080.

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Checking Property Boundaries

How do you know if you’re encroaching on city properties? Check your boundaries! For a quick glance to determine if your property abuts Draper City property check out the Salt Lake County parcel map. The most foolproof way to know where your property ends and city property begins is to have your property professionally surveyed. Please confirm that any of your structures, fences, landscaping, sprinkler lines, or accesses to your property are not on and don’t run through Draper City property.

Other Reminders

  • Don’t use city property to access your yard or your private property
  • Do not drive on city trails or open space
  • Do not dump on city property (garbage, yard waste, construction spoils, fill material, etc.)
  • City open space – including trails – is not for yard waste.  Do not dump your grass clippings, pulled weeds or branches over the fence
  • Don’t use or treat city property as your own, it is for everyone – it’s public property!


Contact info@draperutah.gov with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Draper City is in the process of inventorying all city-owned property and identifying encroachments. Stay informed by:

  • Following Draper City social media
  • Visiting DraperUtah.gov
  • Listening to City Council meetings
  • Signing up for our newsletter (just send an email to info@draperutah.gov with “Subscribe” as the subject and your full name as the message)

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