Traverse Ridge Special Service District

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

For any recent agendas, minutes, and meeting schedules, contact the board at For any meeting documents prior to 2015, contact the City Recorder at (801) 576-6502.

What is Traverse Ridge Special Service District?

The Traverse Ridge Special Service District (TRSSD) was established on December 28, 1999 pursuant to the provisions of the Utah Special Service District Act, Resolution No. 99-82. Those living in the District enjoy the benefits of living in a mountainous community while being only minutes away from city life. Located at the top of Traverse Ridge Mountain, the Traverse Ridge Special Service District was created to provide for additional services which are the result of its geographic location. These services are considered ‘in addition to’ the basic services provided by Draper City to other areas of the community. These services include snow removal, street light fixture upgrades, repair and maintenance of roads, street sweeping and disposal services. The revenue for the District comes from a property tax mill levy. This tax levy changes with the valuation of the properties included in the District, and is intended to provide the same amount of property tax revenue each year (adjusted for new growth). View the resolution creating the TRSSD.

The Interactive Boundary Map is a useful tool in determining whether your current or future home is located within the District.

Notice of TRSSD Board Vacancy

A public meeting will be held at the regularly scheduled Draper City Council meeting on January 17, 2023, at 7 PM at 1020 E Pioneer Road, Draper, Utah to fill three vacancies on the Traverse Ridge Special Service District Administrative Control Board. 

Must be a registered voter within the Special Service District as per Utah Code Section 17D-1-302.  


City Council and Mayor will interview applicants. All interested persons will be heard. Adopt a resolution appointing the members to the board.


The application period for this vacancy closed January 11, 2023 at 5:00 PM. For questions call Laura Oscarson, City Recorder, at (801) 576-6502 or email