Geneva Rock Application

Draper City has received an application from Geneva Rock to rezone a portion of their property, amend existing text in the Draper City code and update the Draper City Land Use Map. The company would like to expand gravel and mining operations on approximately 26.99 acres of their property adjacent to the Lehi City boundary. The company is also requesting a Development Agreement to preserve approximately 64.27 acres of their property as open space. Of the approximately 64.27 acres, the company is proposing to give approximately 43.33 acres of land on Steep Mountain to Draper City for the purposes of protecting as open space. Draper City is committed to an open and transparent process where residents have an opportunity to provide meaningful input during the review of any application received. 

The Draper City Planning Commission considered Geneva Rock’s application at their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, February 27, 2021 and acted unanimously to "negatively recommend" the company’s application to the Draper City Council. Consideration of this application by the city council is postponed until further notice. Any updates regarding this process will be posted on this page. 

Links to the application documents can be found below:

Development Agreement Application

Land Use Map Amendment Application

Text Amendment Application

Zoning Map Amendment Application

Hillside Sensitive Overlay Map

Map for Survey (1)Update Geneva Areas_Contoured Map Opens in new window

In addition to Draper City ordinances, Geneva Rock is also regulated by state and federal laws. The Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (DOGM) provides regulatory oversight of all mining operators in Utah, including Geneva Rock. All official correspondence between DOGM and Geneva Rock is posted publicly. Geneva Rock has two mining permits. Click on the two links below to view all information between the company and their state regulators: 



Comparison Chart

Geneva Rock Products Application Comparison V3_2.25.20(click for larger view)

Geneva Rock has posted information regarding the future vision for their property on their website. It can be found at