Administrative Decisions

4/11/2022Smith FenceAdministrative Interpretation
3/3/2022ATT UTL02003 - Permitted Use RequestStaff Report
2/25/2022Verizon Wireless Tower No. 84635 - Permitted Use RequestStaff Report
2/23/2022AT&T Downtown Draper UTL02188 - Permitted Use Permit RequestStaff Report 
2/22/2022ATT UTL02002 - Permitted Use RequestStaff Report 
2/22/2022T-Mobile SL01589A - Permitted Use RequestStaff Report
2/15/2022Davis Garage BreezewayAdministrative Interpretation
2/14/2022SPR-186-2021 - Ashford Assisted Living Addition Amended Site Plan RequestStaff Report
2/9/2022Verizon Sal Sand Jump - Permitted Use RequestStaff Report 
2/9/2022Dish Wireless Cazier Co-Location - Permitted Use RequestStaff Report
2/7/2022ATT 880588 571805 - Permitted Use Permit RequestStaff Report
2/3/2022ATT UTL01203 Lone Peak Pkwy - Permitted Use Permit RequestStaff Report
2/1/2022Juan Diego Tennis Court - Site Plan Amendment RequestStaff Report
1/27/2022SAL Coke Plant Verizon Upgrade - Permitted Use RequestStaff Report
1/25/2022Nesbit Accessory Structure Wall HeightAdministrative Interpretation
1/24/2022Office Residential (OR) Zone Mixed Use StandardsAdministrative Interpretation
12/15/2021Storage Craft AT&T Tower - Permitted Use Permit RequestStaff Report
12/15/2021Pugh Interpretation
Administrative Interpretation
12/14/2021Verizon Tower Cazier– Permitted Use Permit Request
Staff Report
12/6/2021Dish SLSLC00159A Potato Hill - Permitted Use Permit RequestStaff Report
11/8/2021T-Mobile SL01115A VZW Suncrest Water Tank - Permitted Use Permit RequestStaff Report
11/1/2021T-Mobile 880588-565398 - Permitted Use RequestStaff Report
10/25/2021The Charleston - Site Plan AmendmentStaff Report
9/15/2021Verizon Antenna Upgrade - Permitted Use RequestStaff Report
9/7/202113413 S. Minuteman Dr. Administrative Interpretation
8/25/2021Paramount Toy and Sports - Amended Site Plan RequestStaff Report
8/20/2021Corner Canyon Health Centers - Permitted Use Permit RequestStaff Report
8/16/2021Veranda West - Site Plan RequestStaff Report
8/11/2021Sunset Ridge Gating - Amended Site Plan RequestStaff Report
7/9/2021Robinson Pool InterpretationAdministrative Interpretation
6/29/2021Dillman Square Site Plan AmendmentStaff Report
6/25/2021AT&T Wireless Traverse Ridge Water TowerStaff Report
6/22/20211006 E 12300 S (1014 E) ClarificationAdministrative Interpretation Clarification
6/14/2021T-Mobile SL04393 (Antenna Upgrade) - Permitted Use Permit RequestStaff Report
6/14/20211006 E 12300 S (1014 E) Administrative Interpretation
6/3/2021Academy Office Park Parking Lot - Site Plan Amendment Request Staff Report
4/23/2021Parc at Day Dairy Maintenance Garage - Site Plan Amendment RequestStaff Report
4/7/2021Lone Peak Biotech 17 and 18Staff Report 
2/23/2021Lot 405 Pheasant Hills Plat 4Administrative Interpretation
12216 South 800 East Duplex Status
Administrative Interpretation
2/5/2021T-Mobile Water Tank Anchor ModificationsStaff Report
2/5/2021T-Mobile Antenna Modification Permitted Use - Price Lone Peak West LLC Staff Report
2/5/2021T-Mobile Antenna Modification Permitted Use - Draper DentalStaff Report
10/13/2020Village Shoppes Ph2 Amended Staff Report - CombinedAmended Staff Report
10/2/2020Drapergate Approval ExtensionApproval Extension Letter
9/25/2020Burrows Addition InterpretationAdministrative Interpretation
9/15/2020Irvine Office Park Amended Site Plan Report CombinedStaff Report
9/15/2020McCrary Rooster InterpretationAdministrative Interpretation
8/19/2020Larkin Porch InterpretationAdministrative Interpretation
8/10/2020Danceology Studio, Amended Commercial Site Plan, 112 W. 13100 S.Staff Report
7/13/2020Traverse Ridge Co-Location UTL02011 Permitted Use PermitStaff Report
6/15/2020AT&T 5G NR Upgrade Permitted Use Permit, 12519 South Minuteman Dr.
Approval Staff Report
5/28/2020AT&T LTE 5C Glad Property Permitted Use PermitStaff Report
5/28/2020Lone Peak Biotech Business Park 8 and 9 Commercial Site Plan Request, 301 W and 307 West Lie Science WayApproval Staff Report and Exhibit Drawings
5/4/2020Veranda West TSD Master Area Plan Amendment/13638 S 600 W
Amendment to the Veranda West TSD Master Area Plan Staff Report.
4/30/2020Village Shoppes at Day Diary Phase 2, 527 East 12300 South
Village Shoppes at Day Diary Phase 2 Phasing Boundary Amended Site Plan
3/10/2020AT&T Wireless Facility Permitted Use Equipment Upgrade Request
1111 East Draper Parkway
AT&T Wireless Facility Upgrade Report
AT&T 14300 S, I-15 Permitted Use Permit, 66 West Wadsworth Park Dr.
Rooftop Wireless Telecommunications Antenna Upgrade Permitted Use Permit
1/2/2020Lots and Yards Interpretation, Draper City Municipal Code 9-27-140Lots and Yards Interpretation, DCMC Section 9-27-140
12/31/2019Draper Crossing Tesla Station
208 East 12300 South
Draper Crossing Tesla Station - Site Plan Amendment Request
12/6/2019Moda Town Center
12553 South Fort Street
Moda Town Center Street Lighting Interpretation
12/6/2019Silver Paw Lodge, Inc.
11892 South 800 East
Silver Paw Lodge, Inc. Interpretation
11/21/2019Suncrest Decks - Van Noord Interpretation, 15149 So. Heather Stone Circ., Lot 225Suncrest Decks - Van Noord Interpretation
10/17/201982838 Draper - Permitted Use Request82838 Draper - Permitted Use
10/17/2019Piper & Scoot - Site Plan Amendment RequestPiper & Scoot - Site Plan Amendment
10/17/2019Health Equity Carports - Site Plan Amendment RequestHealth Equity Site Plan Amendment Request
9/24/2019Quinn Court - Amended Site Plan Request
11978 South 700 East
Quinn Court Site Plan Request
9/24/2019Liberty Point Parkstrip - Amended Site Plan Request
12243 South Draper Gate Dr. 
Liberty Point Parkstrip
9/24/2019Drapergate Coffee Vape Gazebo Addition - Amended Site Plan Request
12276 South State Street
Drapergate Coffee Vape Addition
9/24/2019Irvine Business Park - Amended Site Plan Request
334 West 13800 South
Irvine Business Park
8/30/2019Summerhays Lot Interpretation Clarification
13450 S and Tripp Lane
Summerhays Lot Interpretation Clarification
8/30/2019Vang Rooster Interpretation
694 East 12100 South
Vang Rooster Interpretation Letter
8/20/2019Leatherheads Site Plan Amendment
12147 South State St.
Leatherheads Site Plan Amendment Staff Report
8/6/2019Banbury Park Lot 5 Setback Interpretation
13488 South Banbury Park Ln.
Banbury Park Lot 5 Setback Interpretation Letter
8/5/2019Deer Hollow Recovery Preamble Permitted Use Permit
11882 S Preamble Dr.
Deer Hollow Recovery Preamble Permitted Use Permit Staff Report
8/5/2019Trico Office Addition Amended Site Plan
218 West 12650 South
Trico Office Additional Amended Site Plan Staff Report
8/5/2019Summerhays Lot Interpretation
13450 South and Tripp Lane
Summerhays 13450 S Lot Interpretation
Summerhays Tripp Ln Lot Interpretation
7/30/2019Lone Peak Business Park Lot 102 Commercial Site Plan
222 W 12300 S
Lone Peak Business Park Lot 102 Commercial Site Plan Staff Report
7/30/2019Liberty Point Plaza Amended Site Plan
12243 S Draper Gate Dr.
Liberty Point Plaza Amended Site Plan Staff Report
7/25/2019Evans Square Amended Site Plan
12219 S 900 E
Evans Square Amended Site Plan Staff Report
7/11/2019Youth Care SPA Admin ReportBathroom Addition at Youth Care
6/11/2019Rapunzel Tower Interpretation, 13225 South Fort StreetRapunzel Tower Interpretation
6/6/2019Rise Services Amended Site Plan
13552 S 110 W
Rise Services Amended Site Plan
6/6/2019Lone Peak Biotech Site Plan
12128 S Lone Peak Parkway
Lone Peak Biotech Site Plan
5/13/2019Sno Shack Hokulia Shave Ice
1212 East Draper Parkway
Sno Shack Hokulia Shave Ice Interpretation
4/1/2019Tunex Abandonment Interpretation
12481 S Minuteman Dr.
Tunex Zoning Administration Decision
4/1/2019Chick-fil-A Site Plan AmendmentChick-fil-A Site Plan Amendment
4/2/2019Deer Hollow Recovery II Permitted Use Permit - 13666 So. Annie Lace WayDeer Hollow II Permitted Use Permit
3/22/2019Rimrock Building Site Plan Amendment 11716 South 700 EastRimrock Building Site Plan Amendment
3/26/2019Draper Mill Site Plan Amendment         736 W. 12300 SouthDraper Mill Site Plan Amendment
2/22/2019The AnnexOR Zone Residential Standards