EngineeringThe Engineering Division manages city improvement projects and residential and commercial developments. Public capital projects are funded by the city and include parks, trails, storm drainage, water systems, and streets. For all our projects, safety is our number one project.

Residential and commercial developments are reviewed and approved by engineering staff to verify compliance to city standards and impacts to public infrastructure.

The Engineering Department has three areas of responsibility

1. Public Development: The city funds and develops public projects such as parks, trails, storm drainage, streets, traffic updates and water lines.

2. Land Development: The city reviews and approves land development projects, such as commercial, industrial, and residential developments. Sometimes this includes facilities that do not become public such as private streets and private site developments.

3. Inspections: City inspectors are in the field verifying all projects meet industry and city standards. This includes inspections and construction management for city projects, land developments, and various other improvement projects.