SWPPP Permits and Criteria

SWPPP Permits Draper UtahA Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is required for construction projects. 

SWPPP plans assist Draper City, owners, developers, and contractors with implementing good housekeeping techniques and best management practices. It also ensures compliance with federal, state, and local code. 

SWPPP will help reduce waste from chemicals and materials used in construction that may wash into storm drains during rainy weather. It also takes soil into account that may erode from construction sites and contribute to environmental degradation.

Apply for a SWPPP Permit

To apply for a SWPPP permit, fill out a notice of intent (NOI) based on the acre size and fill out the required documentation listed below. To submit for your permit, email your documentation to Lucas Fowler at lucas.fowler@draperutah.gov. If you have questions, call him at 801-576-6331. 

Permit Information and Documents

Notice of Intent (NOI) Forms:

Checklists & Templates:

Documents Required for Development:

Other Required City Permits for Construction: